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We will deliver the goods to you tomorrow on your requests, will you arrange to pick up the goods from our warehause in Singapore or we ...

We do what we say we’ll do; we show up when we say we’ll show up; we deliver when we say we’ll deliver; and we pay when we say we’...

we need to talk with you about your orders in October ,we are afraid that we can not deliver the goods on time ,because there are many orders in...

please stay online while we deliver your new content 请保持在线,我们提供新的内容 deliver 英 [dɪˈlɪvə(r)] 美 [dɪˈlɪvɚ] vt.发表; 递送; 交付; 使分娩 vi.投递; 传送 发表;递送;交付;投递...


promise to do承诺......答应做......,后接动词,delivery是名词,应用deliver这个动词。 order n. 命令;顺序;规则;[贸易] 定单 vt. 命令;定购 vi. 命令;定货 本句意思:我们承诺在订货后60天内发货。order名词意思订单,动词是订货,是“...

选D cancel 取消的意思



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