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在制定公司长期计划时,团队建设需要考虑到什么程度? 可以考虑以下:1.好的团队需要一个优秀的领导,有良好品德、强的领导能力等;2.需要遵循一个统一的价值观或者目标;公平的奖赏等

be taken into account 可以考虑 双语对照 词典结果: 网络释义 1. 被考虑 例句: 1. These findings are therefore likely to be taken into account when nice next reviews its guidelines. 因此在下一次nice考虑其指导方针时,极可能会考虑这...

's 就是 “is”的缩写 all information's together 这整句是后半句的主语

The implied meaning of the picture should be taken into account seriously. 这幅画的寓意应该是要认真考虑的。

taken into account 考虑到 双语例句 1 Seasonal variations need to be taken into account. 需要考虑到季节性变化。 2 The direction of the prevailing winds should be taken into account. 应该将盛行风的方向考虑在内。

这个固定搭配正确的是:take sth. into account。其中sth.作take的宾语。 但在实际情况中,由于宾语sth.太长,所以就会置于account之后,如: I hope my teacher will take into account the fact that I was ill just before the exams when sh...

take sth into account:考虑到某事。 例句: He will take into account my request.他会考虑我的要求。 They had to take the baby into account when they wanted to go out.每当要外出时,他们总得考虑如何将婴孩安顿好。

take into account是一个固定词组,有考虑,重视,体谅的意思。 其近义词有:look at , think about , think of 例句: It is clear that the tests have to somehow take into account the possibility that one or more European countries ma...


take into account ,take into 为考虑到;account为理由,合起来的 意思是:重视,考虑; 顾及。例如: 1.Take into account your own strengths and weaknesses. 考虑一下你自己的优缺点。 2.The calculations do not take into account any fl...

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