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By My SiDE 帮忙翻译一下歌词

By My Side歌词翻译是: Kiss me, goodbye, gone too soon 与我离别的吻,消散得太快 I did give you my heart can't deny 我确实为你付出,我心无法抵赖 Hold on, let go, never sure 坚持还是放手,还不确定 Only can make believe all this ti...


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I still hear your voice, when you sleep next to me. 还能听到你的声音,当你睡在我旁边 I still feel your touch in my dreams. 梦中还能感觉你的抚摸 Forgive me my weakness, but I don't know why. 原谅我的虚弱,尽管我不知为何 Without ...

Toya(托雅) 歌名﹕Moving On Just getting used to waking up everyday 每天就和平常一样的起床 Not seeing your face 看不见你的脸 I just began to stop setting your place 我只是开始不整理你的空间 And I stop longing for your warm embra...

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